Elizabeth Hughes, massage therapistTime to Unwind was set-up in 2002 by me, Elizabeth Hughes.

After twenty years of being fully employed in a scientific environment, I am now self-employed and doing “something completely different” .

This change in career all started after a “taster” day introduction to massage in the summer of 1999.  During a coffee break, some of the participants mentioned that you could actually train in massage.  That sounded like fun and how hard could that be?  So I enrolled in a course and discovered that there is more to learn than just the strokes of massage!

I have been studying ever since – there is so much to discover about the human body! (Did you know that there are about 600 muscles in your body?  We don’t even know what they all do or how they work!)

I continue to study different massage/bodywork techniques. I want to be able to offer you, the client, the treatment that is most appropriate for your condition.

To maintain standards, I am a member of the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) which requires that members adhere to a Code of Ethics and are fully insured.