Time to Unwind helps businesses to keep their staff healthy at work by providing:

on-site seated massage, computer workstation assessments, and Rossiter Workouts.

Seated Massage

On-site, seated massage is a proven approach that provides immediate relief of the symptoms of stress.  Stress and stress-related illness is one of the main reasons that staff are off sick.

Workstation Assessments

Workstation assessments ensure that, as a business, you comply with the relevant Health and Safety Regulations.   A properly set-up computer workstation is good for business as it makes for a productive employee.

Rossiter Workouts

Is work physically demanding? Does the work involve a lot of repetitive movements? Are staff reporting muscular aches and pains? You could benefit from a demonstration of the Rossiter System which is designed especially to resolve repetitive movement issues.

The Rossiter System can also be used pro-actively as a targeted stretching programme. The adage that prevention is better than cure is certainly true when it comes to overuse problems.