Chair massage is so versatile. It can be used nearly anywhere and is a great marketing tool.

Why? It is an amazing crowd puller. People love to watch others doing something especially if someone is having a massage. They love the opportunity for a free massage! People will wait for half hour or more for a chance of a free massage. While they are waiting, you can talk to them about your products and services.

Chair massage can be used at a range of events/occasions:

  • Exhibitions – a nice rest break
  • Product launches – draws in the crowds
  • Charity events – a great way to get donations
  • Health fairs – what could be healthier?
  • Meetings, AGMs – quickly de-stress
  • Health clubs – a bonus for new members
  • Staff appreciation day – a smiley day at work!

Chair massage makes for a memorable experience. It helps people to relax, to feel special, and to feel re-energised.

Make your event a memorable one!

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