The Rossiter Workout uses active, resisted stretches which are designed to work on the connective tissue (the fascia).   Tight fasica leads to restricted, painful movement.   Releasing the fascia results in improved mobility and restoring pain-free movement.

The technique is ideally suited to the working environment particularly for jobs which use a lot of repetitive movements: factory lines, dentists, hairdressers, etc.   Repetitive movements create tight tissue which ultimately can become painful and lead to overuse or repetitive strain injuries.   These types of injuries can be slow to recover because it is difficult to rest the affected area.   The Rossiter approach quickly releases large areas of tight tissue,  so people can quickly get back to work.

A Rossiter session can be performed nearly anywhere:

  • it is done through the clothes
  • most of the work is done with the person lying on a mat on the floor
  • little space is needed

This makes it an ideal technique for the workplace as it is quick and easy to do.

As this is new technique to the UK, ask for your free demonstration!   Get to work with a Rossiter Coach now.