• First, remember the body is designed for movement.
    This means that your body does not like to be in one position for long periods of time. Take a break from the keyboard on a regular basis. Get up and move around. Do some stretching at the desk. Get up and get a drink of water.
  • Posture is important.
    Think about how you are sitting at your computer. Are you leaning forward to see the screen? Are you reaching out for your mouse? Your muscles are doing a lot of work to hold these postures. You want to have a more “neutral posture”. Ask for an information sheet about sitting at your computer.
  • Little aches and pains in the body mean that something is not right.
    Pain is a message and not some annoyance. The remedy might just be to do some simple stretching OR maybe you should be scheduling a seated massage session. Contact me for some helpful advice.
  • Use a laptop?
    Yes, they are convenient, but do you know the risks of using a laptop? Could those aches and pains that you are feeling be due to your laptop?
  • Think about how you lift things whether it is to re-fill the printer with paper or carrying your laptop. A poor lifting technique might affect you for a lifetime!
  • Remember to drink plenty of water.
    Fuzzy thinking and headaches may be due to poor hydration. What is enough water? Your body tells you. Look at your urine. If it is showing yellow, then you aren’t drinking enough!