Why would you used seated massage in the workplace?

Do you have issues with:

  • low staff morale
  • high absenteeism rates
  • falling productivity

Do your sick notes indicate a high incidence of:

  • work-related stress
  • muscular aches and pains (such as back pain)

What can you do?  Try using on-site seated massage.

Why?  Massage provides immediate stress relief through the medium of touch. Your skin is really an extension of your nervous system. Touching the skin immediately affects the nervous system.  The gentle touch of massage calms the nervous system – the stress response melts away.

Chronic stress is considered to be a main contributor to muscular aches and pains and to illness in general. Stress depresses the body’s immune function making the body more open to infections. It tends to make the body more reactive – that old shoulder injury that hasn’t bothered you in years may suddenly start to ache.  Chronic stress can also lead to psychological problems such as anxiety and depression.

Reduce stress, people feel better and work better.